Rum & Coke
Rum & Coke

Rum & Coke is fantastic and unbelievably simple yet extremely satisfying. Its rise to fame means the words themselves fit together like all the most recognisable partnerships... Fish & Chips, Tom & Jerry, Starskey & Hutch.

Get the mix wrong and things can go south very quickly, even the easiest of mixed drinks can be made to taste too strong or weak or maybe even just a little better.

At its most basic level, the Rum and Coke will be as simple as a pour of your favorite rum in a tall glass filled with ice. Almost any rum especially light rum is good but we have specifically designed Indy rum to be mixed with cola for pubs n clubs to entertain this popular drink. It is finished off with a cola and ideally a lime wedge.... Enjoy!


Ice 5 oz.
Cocoa-Cola  2 oz.
Rum 1/2 oz.
Lime juice (optional)
Lime wedge, for serving


  1. Fill a glass with ice, then add Coca-Cola and rum and stir to combine. Add lime juice if using and garnish with lime wedge.